Introducing USA Grass Golf

USA Grass Golf

America's Park Golf game

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and think about the unlimited possibilities of this popular game.

Perfect for any location -


*Golf Course *Driving Range

*Resorts *Campground

*Schools *Parks

*Business *Home

  •  Portable game
  •  No manicured greens needed
  •  Play 9 holes in less then 1 hour
  •  Same rules as golf but easier

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Typical Grass Golf Location

1.  Find any open area and start designing your course. The game can be played on all terrain types. (grass, dirt, sand, turf, etc.).


2. Gather your USA Grass Golf clubs, balls, holes or cups and mark the playable and the out of bounds areas.


3. Grab your friends, warm up, and have some fun!


USA Grass Golf

 We supply everything needed for this putting and driving game: clubs, balls, cups, flag sticks, flags and all accessories.

About the Game

Clubs & Equipment 

The only equipment needed... 1 ball, 1 club, and 1 portable flag/hole or a fixed hole and you are ready to play. The ball is approximately 2 1/4 inches (cue ball size) in diameter and is mades of a smooth  resin material. Your main club is similar in size and shape of a wood fairway driver. The 8" hole (fixed or portable) is about twice the size of a regulation golf cup.

Course Details

 A complete 9 holes can be played in about an hour which allows players to get exercise and have fun without spending half their day playing one game. The course can have more or less holes depending on the  available space and your site location. The maximum length for one hole is 101 yards (303 feet); so design a simple par 3, par 4, or a difficult par 5. Add some hazards, hide the hole, change the out of bounds.

Skill Level

Grass golf is enjoyed by any age or skill level without the frustration of beginner golf. The rules are simple and easy to learn. Strength or sports ability is not required to master the game. The most important thing is to get some walking, get some exercise and have fun. Just as easy to learn as croquet, with the all the excitement of regular golf. Grass golf uses similar terminology as golf such as par, birdie, etc. and the person with the fewest amount of total strokes is the winner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 Let's play some Grass Golf!

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Contact us for more information on Grass Golf equipment, how to add a course, or start your own Grass Golf chapter in your city or state.

Price List for Equipment and Accessories 

2020 Club and Cup Package Prices (pdf)


Price List USA Grass Golf (pdf)


The Unofficial Official Rules of USA Grass Golf



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USA Grass Golf

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